Available for Speaking Engagements

Are you looking to book a dynamic speaker for an upcoming conference, training, seminar, workshop, banquet or gala?  Consider inviting me.  I am available to share insight and inspiration on any of the following topics: 

  • Writing as a tool for Christian Ministry
  • Writing Evangelism 101
Health/Life Choices
  • Choose Life:  Post-Abortion Healing
  • Sexual Healing God's Way
  • Break the Chains: Becoming a New You
Education/Professional Development
  • Daily Inspirations - Nuggets of Inspiration for GED Seekers
  • Raising Your Nonprofit I.Q.
  • ABE/GED Instructor Book Camp
  • Bible Basics
Community Activism/Advocacy
  • Literacy: NERDS
  • Environmental Justice
  • Media Advocacy
Please note that Lynn Pinder's travel and lodging expenses must be covered as part of any honorarium package.  Call 800-929-1418 or email lpinder@thetakeactionnetwork.com for pricing information.